The PTO-T1 (Optical Terminal Outlet) subscriber connection kits allow a quick and easy installation of the optical terminal outlet at the subscriber’s premises using standard equipment and tools (no fusion splices to be made at the subscriber’s premises).

The PTO-T1 kit consists of:

  • 1 PTO-T1 with five cable entries;
  • 1 bare fibre coiling area or 900 μm and able to hold up to 2 × 40mm-long fusion splice protectors;
  • 1 panel of 1 or 2 adapters with SC or LC type of inner or outer shutter;
  • 1 ACOME COR1821 cable for indoor use or COR1823 or UNB1627 cable for indoor/outdoor use (see COR1821, COR1823 or UNB1627 technical data sheet for more characteristics) pre-terminated in SC or LC.
  • Easy assembly with adhesive
    Easy assembly with adhesive
  • Factory tested and assembled
    Factory tested and assembled
  • No splicing necessary
    No splicing necessary
  • Traceability

Product benefits

  • The PTO-T1 can be mounted on a wall or on a deck.
  • 1 ACOME COR1821 cable for indoor use or COR1823 or UNB1627 cable
  • Packaging in dispensing box or cardboard dispenser
  • Euroclass Fire Rating Dca

Business sheet

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UNB1627 PTO-T1 KIT packaging in dispensing box

Câble ACOME COR1823

COR1821 or COR1823 ACOME cable

Câble ACOME UNB1627

UNB1627 ACOME cable

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