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The pre-wired iTOP-144 is an optical head, with a height of 250 m, for iXIO or H-pile beams equipped with 12 iMOD-TOP- ER-12 pivoting optical modules and a 30 or 100 m cable tail (see ACOME cable data sheet). The pre-wired iTOP-144 is fastened directly to a profile via an indexing system that allows for quick, easy, and accurate positioning.

The pre-wired iTOP-144 is a 144 optical fibre head with a cable tail. The pre-wiring is done in the factory by mass splicing on batches of 12 pigtails. Maintenance is carried out by replacing individual pigtails via a standard splice in the splice holder.

It is equipped with a device for anchoring and storing fibre optic protection tubes. These tubes distribute the optical fibres to the various pivoting modules.
Cross-connect cords are managed via the left output of the head, then through the rings attached to the racks which manage the various flows.

  • Factory tested and assembled
    Factory tested and assembled
  • Factory-Spliced
  • Fast implementation
    Fast implementation
  • Figure 8 Coil
    Figure 8 Coil
  • Pivot
  • Serial number
    Serial number
  • Storage
  • Work station maintenance
    Work station maintenance

Product benefits

  • Fast deployment
  • Factory splicing
  • Factory assembly
  • 8 coiling

Rear anchoring with BEC

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