Changes to the Cable anchoring and Fan-out box range

Changes to the Cable anchoring and Fan-out box range

As of February 2021, our 24T and 48T Cable anchoring and fan-out boxes are changing. Indeed, based on our experience in the design and manufacture of optical cable management devices, we wanted to move the current product on towards a new “metal-plastic” concept similar to the 6T and 12T versions which already benefited from this change in 2017.

The main features of these new devices are as follows:

“Metal-plastic” design combining lightness and robustness: the metal fixing and anchoring plate guarantees excellent mechanical strength, while the plastic cover and protective shell perfectly protect the transition tubes thanks to the use of polycarbonate with a 20% glass fibre filler.

Functionality and ergonomics similar to the previous version: no change in your working habits.

External cable anchoring using a more accessible metal plate that better holds the cable in the event of traction and torsion effects.

A clip-on protective cover that can be secured with screws if required.

Full compatibility with all Idea Optical products thanks to its secure fastening system.


The new BEC-288/576-24T allows 288-fibre (12-fibres per jacket) or 576-fibre (24-fibres per jacket) cable to be anchored in Idea Optical frames, street cabinets and optical fibre racks.


The new BEC-576/1152-48T allows 576-fibre (12-fibres per jacket) or 1152-fibre (24-fibres per jacket) cable to be anchored in Idea Optical frames, street cabinets and optical fibre racks.

EVOLUTION OF THE BEC-72/144-6T AND BEC-144/288-12T

The already “metal-plastic” BEC-72/144-6T and BEC-144/288-12T also undergo a slight change with the addition of a metal tab on the cover so that it can be clipped and unclipped for easy and quick opening/closure.

Similarly to the large fan-out boxes, a screw can be fitted for added security.

For more information on these products, please contact your usual sales representative or write to us at

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