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Pigtails are used for equipment where the connection is made by splicing.
Idea Optical offers all types of pigtails used in fibre optic networks. Their Easy Strip structure allows for easy and safe stripping. Pigtails are available in the standard length of 2.0 m, or other lengths as requested. The 12 colours of the international codes (SAT, FOTAG2, DIN/VDE…) allow an easy identification when connecting.

  • Meets regulatory standards
    Meets regulatory standards

Product benefits

  • SC, FC, ST, LC, MU and E2000 connectors;
  • PC, UPC and APC polishings;
  • G652 or G657 single-mode fibres;
  • OM2 to OM5 multimode fibres;
  • 900μm sheathing Easy Strip (semi-clamped);
  • RoHS compliant pigtails

Pigtails LC APC

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