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The iTOP-CP is an optical head high beam splitter, with a height of 250mm, for the iMOD-TOP-CP 16/32/64 range of pivoting optical modules.
The iTOP-CP is mounted directly to a beam via an indexing system that allows for quick, easy, and accurate positioning.

The iTOP-CP consists of a chassis and two pivoting trays, which can accommodate two iMOD-TOP-CP 16/32/64 modules.

The iMOD-TOP-CP modules clip onto the iTOP-CP rack head. They have a panel containing up to 68 connections, including one or more 1 × 16, 1 × 32 or 1 × 64 splitters, and come in three versions:

  • a connection version with up to 4 inputs and splitter outputs on connections on the front panel;
  • a splicing and connection version including a splice tray (iMOD-TOP-CP-ER with splitter inputs to be spliced and outputs on connections);
  • a version with long splitter inputs stored in a coiling pocket at the back of the module (4 × 6.5 m in Ø 2mm maximum) (iMOD-TOP-CP-LR) and outputs on adapters.

Patch cords are managed via the left output of the head, then through the guides attached to the racks which manage the various flows.

  • Direct front access
    Direct front access
  • Factory tested and assembled
    Factory tested and assembled
  • Fast implementation
    Fast implementation
  • Pivot

Product benefits

  • Stockage de 2 m de tube de transport par plateau permettant un raccordement sur poste de travail au sol
  • Capacité jusqu’à 136 fibres
  • 3 versions disponibles :
    – Raccordement
    – Epissurage et raccordement
    – Entrée longue et coupleur


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