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The iREP rack is a rack which manages overlengths of optical patch cords in a 19’’ area of 1U height. Composed of a pivoting tray, the internal section is accessed by a simple rotating movement. A set of 4 half-cylinders makes it possible to manage overlengths of 72 patch cords (diameter 1.6mm). Its front side ensures total protection of patch cords and provides a marking and identification area.

Offered in standard version with hinge on right, a version with hinge on left is also available.

The iREP is composed of:

  • 1 metal chassis of height 1U;
  • 4 plastic half-cylinders;
  • 1 patch cord input, on right or left according to hinge configuration.
  • 19''/ETSI Mixed Use
    19''/ETSI Mixed Use
  • 2-Sided cable routing
    2-Sided cable routing
  • Light
  • Overlenght Management
    Overlenght Management
  • Pivot
  • Right/Left Hinge
    Right/Left Hinge
  • Serial number
    Serial number

Product benefits

  • Optional adjustment tab for ETSI frame available
  • Organisation of cross-connection patch cords over a compact height of 1U

iREP CD 1U rack

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