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The iRCP-V3 is a 19″ optical fibre rack with a height of 1U to 3U that allows the integration of 1 × 8 to 1 × 64 optical splitters. This optical fibre rack is ideal for the splicing of FTTH signals in the context of PON networks and is inserted at indoor or outdoor distribution points.

The iRCP-V3 consists of:

  • 1 fixed part with a height of 1U to 3U allowing the optical fibre rack to be fastened to the 19″ uprights and to accommodate the pivoting optical trays. A metal multi- pin in this anchoring bracket allows the guiding of the protection tube or the pigtails to the splice tray (long splitter input);
  • 2 to 6 right or left-pivoting trays with a capacity of 24 splitter outputs on adapters;
  • 1 hinged front strip, with label holder for easy access to connectors for cleaning.
  • Light
  • Pivot
  • Right/Left Hinge
    Right/Left Hinge
  • Serial number
    Serial number

Product benefits

  • Elevated safety during maintenance/installation operations, access to fibre requires only one tray to be opened
  • Easy cleaning of the rack, by opening the front shutter

iRCP-V3-32 CD 1U

iRCP-V3-32 CD 1,5U

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