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iLIA-V1 2U

iLIA-V1 2U

iLIA-V1 2U

The iLIA-V1 48/72/96 2U is a sliding 19” 2 U optical fibre rack for optical fibre cable connection by splicing or direct connection. Its robust construction has all the security and reliability guarantees for your fibre optical network installations and maintenance.

To save time when installing, the racks are shipped pre-fitted with connections and pigtails.

The iLIA-V1 48/72/96 2U optical fibre rack is composed of:

  • 1 static metal cover used to support and protect the unit;
  • 1 sliding plate fitted with a locking device in the open position, used to anchor up to two optical cables on the right cable entry or two optical cables on the left cable entry and up to 4 superposed cassettes iOC4;
  • 1 removable connector panel for 48, 72 or 96 connection points;
  • 1 stowage area for up to two bursting devices at the rear of the drawer;
  • 2 mixed 19″ and ETSI fixing brackets for assembly in all types of frame;
  • 1 complete mounting kit (cage nuts, screws, cable gland, ties);
  • 1 patch cord guide and 1 patch cord stowage as options.
  • 19''/ETSI Mixed Use
    19''/ETSI Mixed Use
  • 2-Sided cable routing
    2-Sided cable routing
  • Direct front access
    Direct front access
  • Mounting kit
    Mounting kit
  • Sliding

Product benefits

  • 1 complete mounting kit (cage nuts, screws, cable gland, collars)
  • robust construction

48 ST version

48 FC version

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