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The iCOR-UNI is a universal MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) box intended for Infrastructure Operators (IOs) and allows the connection to the FTTH network of subscribers in High Density Areas (HDA).

Its “universal” dimensioning offers total compatibility with the Commercial Operator (CO) boxes on the market according to the regulations in force

The iCOR-UNI is an upgradeable and secure box for Building Operators, available in two versions (4 M and 8 M) housing four and eight iMOD-UNI pivoting modules.


The iMOD-UNI pivoting modules are fixed directly into the iCOR-UNI box. Each module is equipped with up to 12 pre- installed SC pigtails or up to 24 pre-installed LC pigtails to meet the different connection configurations (from 1 to 4 fibres per dwelling) and to comply with fibre allocation regulations (dedicated/distributed/on standby).

Each module has 2 IOC3 splice trays which allow the connection of 24 fibres in total.
The fibre protection tubes, coming from the breakout boxes, are anchored on a multi-pin directly in the tray.


  • Meets regulatory standards
    Meets regulatory standards
  • Overlenght Management
    Overlenght Management
  • Stackable
  • Wall mounting
    Wall mounting

Product benefits

Each box includes:

  • 4 slots, in the upper part, for fixing ACL type cable anchoring and fan-out devices;
  • 1 area for managing overlengths in the lower part of the box;
  • 1 vertical cord crossing area for connection patch cords between IO and CO box.

iCOR-UNI-8M, iCOR-UNI-OC-6M and iCOR-UNI-OC-3M on Wall attachment plate

iMOD-UNI integrated in iCOR-UNI

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