The iBER-810 is an 800 × 1000mm frame, of height 42 or 47U. It is designed to accommodate any type of device in 19“ format, particularly connection equipment for optical networks (optical racks, fibre-optic cable storage and fan-out equipment, etc.), as well as active devices such as switches, routers, converters, etc.

The iBER-810 is equipped with depth-adjustable profile rails in 19″ or ETSI format. In the standard 19’’ version, the centred profile rails provide a space with the side panels presenting two cable trays accessible from both sides. Offsetting these profile rails to the right or left forms a large lateral space, for easier routing and connection.

  • 19''/ETSI Mixed Use
    19''/ETSI Mixed Use
  • Anchoring
  • Can be moved Left or Right
    Can be moved Left or Right
  • Removable

Product benefits

  • Six lateral cable-tie plates are spread across the top and enable anchoring of cables and BEC- type fan-out devices
  • The frame can be fitted with solid, glazed or perforated doors to facilitate heat dissipation from active equipment
  • The side, bottom and upper panels are removable to make installation and maintenance operations easier

Business sheet

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