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The iBER-1675 OUTDOOR 2x21U is a secure, watertight street cabinet designed to house active equipment with two 19’’ areas for active and passive equipment. These two areas are separated by an overlength management area allowing optical patch cords to be cross-connected.

The casing of this modular cabinet is completely removable to facilitate access for installers. The cabinet has both side and front-panel doors. Active equipment can be powered in three ways: main power supply, generator or battery.

The OUTDOOR iBER-1675 2x21U has three areas dedicated to the following functions:

  • the 19″ area on the left houses the active equipment (e.g., power panel, power manager with rectifiers, etc.);
  • the 19” area on the right houses passive optical equipment connections;
  • the lower area houses the batteries.

There are several additional features to round out the use of the cabinet: air conditioners, LED lighting, a computer support tablet, a multi-socket plug adaptor and a document holder.

  • Anti-Graffiti finish
    Anti-Graffiti finish
  • Assortment of RAL Colors Available
    Assortment of RAL Colors Available
  • Base
  • Direct front access
    Direct front access
  • Lifting rings
    Lifting rings
  • Opens to 120°
    Opens to 120°
  • Removable
  • Secure Connection
    Secure Connection
  • Single Patch Cord Length
    Single Patch Cord Length

Product benefits

  • Can accommodate active equipment of great depth
  • Maintains an ideal temperature thanks to air conditioners
  • 200 mm base included
  • CEE single-phase plug
  • Air conditioner on each side door

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iBER-1675 OUTDOOR 2X21U – Opening a side door

iBER-1675 OUTDOOR 2X21U – RAL 7035

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