iBER-1650 OUTDOOR G2 2X40U

iBER-1650 OUTDOOR G2 2X40U

iBER-1650 OUTDOOR G2 2X40U

The iBER-1650 OUTDOOR G2 is a secure, sealed street cabinet which allows patching of optical fibres.
This cabinet is designed to withstand strong winds thanks to the mechanical reinforcements present in particular in the doors and on the rear panels. Its depth of 500 mm as well as additional fixing points guarantee better anchoring to the ground. It is an Operator Distribution Point (DP) in accordance with regulations in force.

The iBER-1650 outdoor G2 street cabinet is made up of a frame protected by a covering.
The frame contains:

  • a 19” chassis to the right for left pivoting racks and a 19”
    chassis to the left for right pivoting racks. They respectively allow the fastening of modules dedicated to distribution cables and fastening of operator modules;
  • a central trunk which allows reduction of extra lengths of optical patch cords.

The use of a single patch cord length simplifies use. The iBER-1650 outdoor G2 cabinet is adapted to iRCP-V2 and iTOM-V2 type pivoting racks. The cables are fastened to anchoring plates at the base of the cabinet using BEC break- out boxes.

  • Anti-Graffiti finish
    Anti-Graffiti finish
  • Assortment of RAL Colors Available
    Assortment of RAL Colors Available
  • Base
  • Full Disassembly
    Full Disassembly
  • IP55 Weatherproof
    IP55 Weatherproof
  • Lifting rings
    Lifting rings
  • Meets regulatory standards
    Meets regulatory standards
  • Opens to 90°/120°
    Opens to 90°/120°
  • Single Patch Cord Length
    Single Patch Cord Length

Product benefits

  • Fully dismantable
  • Operator Distribution Point (DP)
  • Suitable for PON and point-to-point networks
  • Including 200 mm base
  • Designed to withstand strong winds

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iBER-1650 2x40U outdoor G2 type “M”

iBER-1650 2x40U outdoor G2 type “W”

iBER-1650-Outdoor G2 2X40U RAL 7016

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